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After 20 years in business, we have experience handling almost anything. If there's a market for it, Steptoe will find out!

We are always interested in assisting in Estate & Downsizing Liquidation, weather it be a full house or a few items. From swamped to swept, Steptoe has you covered.

We are always looking for Antique & Collectible items to purchase or cosign. This includes Fine Art, Coins, Militaria, Electronics/Video Games and much more!

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We treat every project that gets to us in the agency with due attention and sincere care. Organizing a Liquidation or Appraisal service is a wonderful journey for us with you, which brings only joy and pleasure. We take care of all the troubles and difficulties!

From Our Clients

We're always here to help, and after two decades in business our clients know why! We thrive on referrals and are always fair about our pricing. At Steptoe, we have the expertise to deal in just about anything at a price that will leave you happy you called.